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We welcome those in need of services to visit the office and speak to our NAC Coordinator.  Our Coordinator meets with residents to assess their personal situation and inform them about city services available to address their specific needs, often referring them to the appropriate service providers. GPASS provides many services, such as assistance with real estate tax, mortgages, and home foreclosures, rental assistance, rent and property tax rebate, basic home system repairs, weatherization and energy assistance, eviction prevention, and identify vacant properties and vacant lots, for example. The NAC Coordinator can direct a resident to the relevant GPASS department(s) for appropriate assistance with these and many other matters.


AT GPASS-NAC, we conduct community activities and initiatives based on the input from our volunteer Neighborhood Advisory Sub-Committee (NAS) members.  NAS, is a group of neighborhood volunteers who are residents of our NAC Service Area and represent the overall interests of the community.  They work closely with the NAC Coordinator and play a vital role in the direction and implementation of GPASS-NAC activities in the community.  Through neighborhood community meetings with block captains and residents, the NAS committee creates initiatives and works in conjunction with residents to address pressing neighborhood concerns and issues. The NAC Coordinator will bring these concerns to the appropriate department in the City of Philadelphia. The NAC quarterly newsletter and community meetings provide community updates and progress on neighborhood concerns.

To date, GPASS-NAC activities have included events such as neighborhood cleanups, community meetings, community development, public safety, and health fairs. In the near future, we expect to introduce additional community-building activities as well as long-term initiatives geared towards broad-based, sustainable community development.

We invite all in our Olney/Logan Service area to join and become a member of our Neighborhood Advisory Sub-Committee (NAS) and share their ideas and address neighborhood issues you feel are important to improve the community.  Call us to learn more about this special volunteer opportunity and make a difference in the community.

NAC News Letter

GPASS Neighborhood Advisory Committee Newsletter



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