Medication Assisted Treatment (IOP)

The SAFE program understands that maintaining abstinence from opiates can be daunting. For individuals requiring medication assistance to establish and maintain abstinence, we offer Suboxone. Suboxone is a prescription medication that comes in the form of a film that you place under your tongue and allow to dissolve. The medication works by blocking the physical effects of opiates thus reducing or eliminating cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Our Suboxone certified Medical Director will meet with you following your initial intake. During this time, he'll ask you some questions and discuss treatment options. If Suboxone is appropriate, he'll make recommendations and provide you with a prescription and require that your first dose be administered in his presence. From there, you are able to take control of your Suboxone regimen. You will be expected to meet with the Medical Director as recommended while taking Suboxone

GPASS will cover the cost of your consultations with our Medical Director. However, you are expected to attend outpatient counseling at GPASS to ensure that all of your recovery bases are covered. You are also responsible for the cost of your Suboxone. There are a variety of health care plans that cover Suboxone, and patient assistance programs for those with no insurance and limited means.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (215) 456-1662 us.

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