We know that many Philadelphia households face significant economic headwinds from high energy and other utility bills. GPASS assists community members in dealing with these costs through programs administered by our Emergency Energy Assistance (EEA) Department.

Serving the entire Philadelphia region and working in conjunction with the Philadelphia-based Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA), EEA provides direct services such as:

Weatherization – EWAP (Energy Weatherization Assistance Program) for auditing/insulation

Water Conservation/LICAP (Low Income Conservation Assistance Program – a Philadelphia Water Department program that provides eligible Philadelphia residents with the free maintenance of minor plumbing issues)

Rain Barrel Program – The Energy Coordinating Agency and the Philadelphia Water Department can provide free rain barrels to income eligible Philadelphia residents.

Budget/Energy Counseling

EEA also assists community members with applications for financial assistance via programs such as:

LIHEAP (Low Income Heating Assistance Program) for home heating utility bills as well as privately administered funds such as

UESF (Utility Emergency Services Fund)

Multiple heating oil grant programs (including Grandom Oil)


In addition to these services, we also provide the community with numerous energy conservation workshops.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (215) 456-1662 us.

What to apply for: Electric, Gas, Water, Heating Oil, Weatherization, and Water Conservation

Who is eligible: Low-income family (under Federal Government guide line) who has utility bill payment problems.

How to apply:

1. Give us a call before visiting.

2. We will see if you qualify. We try to save your unnecessary trip.

3. Then, we will call you back with what to do, including what you should bring in.