Although GPASS is the only Asian-operated organization providing DUI services, we certainly do not limit any of our services to Asians. GPASS provides a variety of DUI services including prevention, enforcement, adjudication and rehabilitation.


We feel that if our clients are given the right information, direction, training and support, we can work towards eliminating impaired drivers and the harm they cause others.


We offer clients who are at a disadvantage due to language barriers and cultural differences, counselors who speak English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Spanish. In addition, no insurance is necessary, enabling us to cater to the needs of low-income clients.


DUI services at GPASS are not just restricted to the surrounding communities. Since our DUI program is a state wide program and part of the federal system, clients can be referred to GPASS from any state, making our services even more convenient.


Our professional staff provides the full range of DUI services to persons ordered to complete judicial and state mandated DUI program requirements as well as those charged with other drug related offenses.


Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and Cambodian language services are available, please call to inquire.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (215) 456-1662 us.


DUI:Court Reporting Network
DUI:Highway Safety School
DUI:Full Alcohol and Drug Assessment
DUI:Rehabilitation Education

2015 Annual AHSS Schedule


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