Services for the Adolescent Unit Art therapy is another stress
reliever that an the adolescent needs. Being able to express
yourself through an art project is instrumental to the recovery process.

Fitness therapy is essential to the health a way to strengthen the
body and mind. It can help build self-esteem, and be a stress relief.

Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment for the Adolescent is essential in stopping the adolescents from destroying their future, i.e.: getting put out of school, arrested, getting a DUI, destroying the family relationships, losing a job, or due to other drugs and/or alcohol issues'. GPASS staff provides co-occurring treatment, as well as comprehensive bio-psychosocial, an Adolescent driven Treatment/recovery plan, providing group and individual counseling, with a focus on family participation. The treatment team will work closely with the Juvenile Treatment Court, Parole Officers, as well as with the funding agencies like CBH, BHSI, and others.

Guided Imagery group will aid in building up or repair some of the negative feelings an adolescent can get due to the use of drugs or alcohol. This type of treatment can help restore self-esteem due to issues revolving around school, incarcerations, loses of family.

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